More About Me

Professional Experience: I have been an active “Real Estate Professional” since 1994.

I have a proven system to help clients in all phases of selling, buying, or in building their custom homes! I can help with decorating, designing, and keeping on top of the latest “designs” in homes building, as well as hands on in the marketing of my builders and getting their homes sold!
I have purchase investment properties as rentals for my own portfolio, as well as for my investors. I can help you get the most out of your investment. These are just a few things I have done, and I still do……. as it is what I love doing for people, and it’s what I love about my job!

Pledge to Clients:

I have made it part of my daily routine (as I do in making my daily cup of coffee), in helping with their real estate needs! To educate them in understanding the process in the buying/selling, how important it is to listen, and pay close attention on the details of their needs. I know the market.
Moving can be very emotional and difficult process, and I have committed myself to taking care in all stages of the real estate process so my clients can focus on their families, jobs, or whatever it may be! Keeping up with the ever changing markets, trends, lender regulations, and knowing the status of the inventory are all part of my job. “Its listening to my client’s needs…”

“My goal is making their dreams come true, and making sure there is a smile on their families faces as I’m handing over the keys to their dream home!”